clojure site19 months
test.checkQuickCheck for Clojure19 months
core.contractsContracts programming19 months
math.combinatoricsMysterious Project19 months
data.csvMysterious Project20 months
data.avlPersistent sorted maps and sets with log-time rank queries20 months
tools.nreplA Clojure network REPL that provides a server and client, along with some common...20 months
tools.macroUtilities for macro writers20 months
data.generatorsRandom data generators21 months
clojure-api-docClojure API doc build21 months
test.generativeMysterious Project22 months
algo.monadsMysterious Project22 months
tools.emitter.jvmA JVM bytecode generator for ASTs compatible with tools.analyzer(.jvm)22 months
test.benchmarkBenchmark and Regression Suite for Clojure22 months
math.numeric-towerMysterious Project22 months Project22 months
java.jmxMysterious Project22 months
data.zipUtilities for clojure.zip22 months map optimized for integer keys22 months
data.finger-treeFinger Tree data structure22 months
core.unifyUnification library22 months
core.matchMysterious Project22 months
core.incubatorProving ground for proposed new core fns22 months
algo.genericMysterious Project22 months
tools.analyzer.jsProvides js-specific passes for tools.analyzer2 years
clr.spec.alphaspec on the CLR2 years
clr.test.checkMysterious Project2 years
core.typed.checker.jsMysterious Project2 years
clr.core.specs.alphacore specs on CLR3 years
clojure-installMysterious Project3 years
data.fressianRead and write Fressian data from Clojure4 years
algo.graphBasic graph theory algorithms4 years Project4 years
clr.test.generativeMysterious Project4 years data generators for Clojure on the CLR4 years Project5 years Project6 years in Clojure on the CLR8 years Project8 years
java.internal.invokeMysterious Project10 years
io.incubatorProving ground for proposed new io fns10 years
clr.core.asyncPort of Clojure core.async to the CLR Project Project
data.enliveMysterious Project
net.ringMysterious Project
tools.analyzer.clradditional clr-specific passes for tools.analyzer
docs.cider.mxCIDER's documentation site13 months
orchardA fertile ground for Clojure tooling13 months
cider-nreplA collection of nREPL middleware originally designed to enhance Clojure editors13 months