purescript-reactix(alpha) React hooks library16 months
tools.trace1.3 update of clojure.contrib.trace17 months
jaunt[ABANDONED] A jaunt away from Clojure4 years
oxcart[ABANDONED] An optimizing Clojure compiler5 years
microfiche[alpha] Javadoc as data for Clojure3 years
ac-cider[DEPRECATED] Emacs auto-complete backend for CIDER4 years
ac-nrepl[DEPRECATED] Emacs auto-complete backend for nrepl completions6 years
clojure-cheatsheet[DEPRECATED] The Clojure Cheatsheet for Emacs3 years
cljs-tooling[DEPRECATED] Tooling support for ClojureScript13 months
bunq.rsA Bunq API client for rust19 months
ccljA C generation DSL in CLojure4 years
core.cacheA caching library for Clojure implementing various cache strategies13 months
lib-grimoireA client and library for Grimoire3 years
toothpickA Clojure assembler suite5 years
lein-bumpkinA Clojure bump tool which implements Semantic Versioning9 years
dogeonA Clojure dogeon reader7 years
plotterA Clojure graphing toolkit wrapping gnuplot3 years
impreciseA Clojure interval arithmetic library7 years
pseudotypesA Clojure library for pseudo-types8 years
meajureA Clojure math with units library7 years
tools.nreplA Clojure network REPL that provides a server and client, along with some common...20 months
nreplA Clojure network REPL that provides a server and client, along with some common...13 months
sada Clojure parser compiler8 years
lighterA Clojure syntax highlighter in Clojure3 years
clj-refactor.elA collection of Clojure refactoring functions for Emacs15 months
cider-nreplA collection of nREPL middleware originally designed to enhance Clojure editors13 months
batbridgeA collection of simulators for the Batbridge ISA written in Clojure4 years
tools.maint.docextractA crude comment based documentation-in-code to markdown converter4 years
cuddlefishA cute little git wrapper2 years
datalog-pyA Datalog engine, for Python21 months
sayidA debugger for Clojure18 months
orchardA fertile ground for Clojure tooling13 months
coolerA GH merge freeze site3 years
zsh-gotoa goto tool for zshell3 years
tools.emitter.jvmA JVM bytecode generator for ASTs compatible with tools.analyzer(.jvm)22 months
cloutjureA Karma system for the Clojure community7 years
core.memoizeA manipulable, pluggable, memoization framework for Clojure15 months map optimized for integer keys22 months
bencodeA netstring and bencode implementation for Clojure.2 years
pascalA Pascal compiler & compiler toolkit written in Clojure8 years
clojure-clrA port of Clojure to the CLR, part of the Clojure project18 months
lein-grimA program for generating Grimoire documentation blobs3 years
example-configA sample Emacs config for Clojure development to ease your pain3 years
git-bumpA semantic versioning bump script4 years
nrepl-java-exampleA simple example of embedding nREPL in a Java application17 months
lein-nreplA simple Leininingen plugin to start nREPL 0.4+23 months
SimpleVMa simple virtual machine which simulates a register machine5 years
purescript-dom-simpleA simpler way to do basic DOM things22 months
lein-templateA template for my projects3 years
formicaA tiny forms handling library4 years