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master[NO TESTS] WIPReid 'arrdem' McKenzie43 hours
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43 hours[NO TESTS] WIPHEADmasterReid 'arrdem' McKenzie5-10/+51
11 daysMore varsReid 'arrdem' McKenzie2-0/+8
11 daysMinor improvements to the resolver roleReid 'arrdem' McKenzie2-20/+22
12 daysMore dicking around with OS specific ZK configReid 'arrdem' McKenzie5-22/+141
12 daysTwo new pisReid 'arrdem' McKenzie3-2/+5
2019-07-01Rolling back to yaml inventory, bring fidut onlineReid 'arrdem' McKenzie9-37/+152
2019-06-22Whole lot of crap, cutting over to kook inventoryReid 'arrdem' McKenzie29-210/+2137
2019-05-31[NO TESTS] WIPReid 'arrdem' McKenzie12-34/+62
2019-05-31[NO TESTS] WIPReid 'arrdem' McKenzie39-119/+308
2019-05-19A bunch of monkeying with deriving the apartment zonefile straight from inven...Reid 'arrdem' McKenzie4-45/+44